Jessica Stever was raised in Kitchener, Ontario as part of a large family. Exposed to a variety musical and visual art forms of inspiration, Jessica explored many areas of media as an outlet for her creative mind. During her high school years Jessica, found and interest in dance, music, and art, which led her to designing. Jessica especially enjoyed costume designing and styling for her school productions. After arriving at Fanshawe she immediately fell in love with dresses, daywear and evening, and runway shows. Being a dreamer she excels in inventing gowns and cocktail wear of a unique nature, playing with silhouettes and texture to create an image. After graduating Jessica hopes to learn from highly creative designers with a unique vision, and eventually create her own label and make her mark on the industry.

Spring Summer 2010 Collection:

Obsession is a collection of cocktail dresses for the trendy, outgoing woman with an active social calendar. This collection is comprised of exaggerated silhouettes, simply styled lines and amazingly textured fabrics and trims. It is inspired by the growing obsession of finding inspiration in all forms of life in our extraordinary world.